The DNA Journey


In the summer 2016, the momondo campaign “The DNA Journey” took the world by storm. Together with &Co, Bacon and BeOn, Radius was part of creating the international campaign, which aimed to show that traveling has a positive impact on the way we view other cultures and, therefore, makes us more tolerant and open-minded.

We conducted a global population survey about the relationship between traveling and tolerance among more than 7,000 respondents. This resulted in valuable insights, which the “The DNA Journey”-campaign was based on. Furthermore, the survey generated content for press activities and momondo’s own channels such as the campaign hub.

The press activities generated +650 media clippings worldwide – 100 of them in Denmark
The video got more than 190 million views across social media and digital platforms
170,000 participated in a global quiz, where some of the gifts were 500 DNA kits and one big DNA-vacation

The campaign achieved:
  • Cannes PR Lions: 1 x gold lion and 2 x silver lions
  • Creative Circle Awards: 5 x gold for “internet video”, “branded content”, “integrated campaign”, “direction” og “PR driven campaign”
  • The Lovie Awards: 2 x gold for ”branded content” and ”brand strategy”
  • True Awards: 2 x gold for ”best video campaign” and “best online video” and 1 x silver for “best director”
  • The One Show: 1 x gold for “branded content”
  • The campaign video appeared on YouTube’s Rewind list with the top ten most popular videos of the year – a first for a Danish commercial!
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