The credibility survey


Would you rather buy a used car from a lawyer or a nurse? Do you trust what your financial adviser tells you? And do you trust politicians?

At Radius, we have measured trust within a range of professions since 2008. Each year we ask a representative group of the population to what extent they trust different professions. Occasionally, we have also done in-depth studies of political party leaders’ credibility and the publics’ trust in media.

Why do we do this?

Credibility is the X-factor in communication. Credibility is the complex, intangible and valuable character, which we aim for when communicating. It is the factor that determines whether the message goes through or not – no matter if the sender is a private company, trade association or political party.

Every day, we advise companies and organisations on how to communicate in a trustworthy manner. And we are genuinely interested in following how the Danes’ opinions and attitudes develop over the years.

What is credibility?

To put it simply, credibility relies on you to do what you say and say what you do.

Our more in-depth studies show that credibility is about integrity, authenticity and objectivity. And about knowledge, honesty and moral. But it is also about appearance and charisma. And of course, the negative publicity of a person, company or profession can affect our opinion. On the other hand, our studies show that the negative consequences of a media scandal do not have to be permanent.


If you would like to know more about credibility, you are more than welcome to contact Senior Partner at Radius, Nicolaj Taudorf Andersen: