Do it for Mom


”Do it for Mom” continued the “Do it for Denmark”-campaign from 2014. Spies wanted to highlight active vacations and just like the first campaign, “Do it for Mom” was based on analytic insights: showing that we have more sex when we are on vacation and even more sex when we exercise too.

These were the insights that the campaign was based on and which created content for both the campaign film, press activities and Spies’s own channels. The campaign film was launched through PR and created attention in Denmark and internationally – also due to our collaboration with BeOn.

  • The press activity gave +100 media clippings in Danish and international media
  • The film had +8.5 million views and a reach of +600 million on social media
  • Furthermore, the campaign was able to put the societal problem about declining birth rates in Denmark on the agenda – and the press activities were the direct cause of a meta-discussion about the low birth rate. Danish politicians and other opinion leaders, for instance, wrote opinion pieces where “Do it for Mom” was used as a reference and helped frame the debate.
  • The sales of active vacations increased by 21 percent.
  • ”Do it for Mom” won two gold prizes at the Danish Digital Awards 2016 for Content Creation and Digital Branding. It also achieved two bronze prizes. One for Storytelling and one for Campaign of the Year.
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