Privacy Policy

Radius processes personal data for legitimate commercial purposes and has therefore adopted this privacy policy, in which you can read more about how we process your personal data.

The purpose is to ensure a fair and transparent processing of the personal data we receive about customers, applicants, business partners and other parties with whom we have a professional relationship.

In accordance with legislation, we only process personal data for specific purposes and based on legitimate commercial interests, see Article 6(1)(f) of the General Data Protection Regulation.

We only process relevant personal data necessary for the achievement of the specific purposes, and we erase your data when they are no longer necessary.

Data controller

Radius is data controller and we make sure that your personal data are processed in compliance with legislation.

Our contact details are:
Radius CPH A/S
Bredgade 19A, 1st floor
1260 Copenhagen K
Attn. Susanne Kruse
Company reg. (CVR) no.: 27378218

When you use Radius’ website

When you use our website and other digital forums, we collect and process some personal data from you. For example, if you access contents on our website, if you comment on our blog posts or use other services on the website.

When you use our website, we use cookies. A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your computer or other device to allow us to recognise it. Cookies do not contain malware, such as a virus.

Generally, we collect and process the following types of data by way of cookies: A unique ID and technical information about your computer, tablet or mobile phone, your IP number, geographical location as well as which pages you visit.

The purpose of cookies on our website

We use cookies to optimise the communication with our customers and business partners.

We use data for:

  • Measuring traffic and statistics.
  • Targeting and frequency management of advertising.
Disclosure of data

Data about your use of the website, which ads you receive and maybe click, your geographical location, gender and age segment etc. to the extent that these data are known, will be disclosed to third-party systems that only Radius can access. These third parties are:

  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook (Facebook Pixel)
  • LinkedIn (LinkedIn Insights)
Read more about the privacy policy of the third parties:

Personal data that you may have entered will not be disclosed to any third party.

Period for storage of data

When we receive personal data as a result of your use of our website, the data will be stored for the following periods:

• Google Analytics – 26 months
• Facebook (Facebook Pixel) – 180 days
• LinkedIn (LinkedIn Insights) – 6 months

How to reject or delete your cookies

Rejecting cookies: You can reject cookies on your computer anytime by changing the settings in your Internet browser. Where you find your settings depends on the browser you use.

When you apply for a job with Radius

We will send information on Radius’ processing of personal data in connection with recruitments directly to the applicants.

When you are a customer of Radius

Personal data that can be accessed by Radius’ employees in connection with the customer relationship are always subject to a data processing agreement describing the obligations applicable to the processing of the customer’s data.

Your rights

Whether you are a customer, a user of the website, an applicant or other stakeholder, and if Radius is processing your personal data, you have various rights pursuant to the Danish Data Protection Act:

  • You have the right to obtain access to the personal data we are processing about you.
  • You have the right to request that we rectify and keep up to date the personal data we have registered about you. If you inform us that data are incorrect, we will rectify them.
  • You have the right to request that we erase the personal data we have registered about you. If you want us to erase your personal data, we will erase all data that we are not required to store pursuant to legislation.
  • If the processing of your personal data is based on your consent, you have the right to withdraw your consent which means that we will subsequently cease to process your data, unless we are required to process the personal data pursuant to legislation.

If you want to exercise your rights, please contact us at

If you specifically want to delete or block cookies, you can read more about how to do so here.

When you apply for a job with Radius, you will receive specific information on how to rectify and erase any data you have submitted.


Radius has implemented organisational and technical routines to ensure that Radius complies with applicable law and guidelines laid down by the supervisory authorities from time to time.

Radius will oversee that personal data are available only to trained employees who have special authorisation and need the data in order to perform their duties.

Personal data processed in physical form, typically printed, are secured by access restriction in locked cabinets, and we have implemented a clean desk policy.

Personal data processed in electronic form are secured by up-to-date IT security measures, including – but not limited to – access restrictions to systems and drives, agreed backup routines, personal login to drives and PCs as well as deletion procedures in accordance with the statutory requirements applicable from time to time.

All employees are trained in this policy, and Radius’ responsible management regularly supervises that our employees and contractors comply with the policy.

Radius uses data processors

To the extent that Radius uses subcontractors for the processing of personal data, data processing agreements will be entered into in accordance with the requirements applicable from time to time.

Radius uses data processors for salary and recruitment administration, invoice management, IT operations and development, data management in connection with analyses as well as a few freelance experts.

Revision of the privacy policy

We reserve the right to change this privacy policy from time to time. If we make any changes, we will also change the date at the top of the privacy policy. The privacy policy in force from time to time will be available on our website.

Complaints body

You can complain about our processing of your personal data by contacting the Danish Data Protection Agency, see section 58(1) of the Danish Data Protection Act. For more information about contact details and the right to complain, go to