About Radius CPH

Our employees are at the heart of what we do, and their expertise and curiosity ensure that we can deliver strong and integrated communication advice. At Radius CPH, you’ll meet approx. 40 of the communication industry’s most skilled strategists, tacticians and specialists. We organise ourselves around our clients and always set the right teams that best match our clients’ needs and the problems that need solving. Only then can we solve tough, complex assignments while generating results that add value for the client.

What makes Radius CPH
who we are?

Meet five skilled communication managers and former employees who put into words what Radius CPH is all about. 

Our core narrative

What do you do when the world’s tectonic plates start moving and change is on the horizon?

When the new geopolitical reality knocks on your door, and you have tough decisions to make and communicate? When your company is under scrutiny from dusk until dawn and the whole world is your audience?

You may have to sacrifice earnings to reach your climate goals. You may already know that they are out of reach. You may have business in an undemocratic country, or one which is suddenly at war. You may feel the pinch of low demand as your financing costs soar together with increased interest rates. Your employees may have opposing opinions on which agendas you should comment on and engage in.

However, one thing is certain: The only constant is change.

And change brings dilemmas, risks and crises in its wake. But change also brings opportunities, renewal and growth. That is a heavy load on any company, leader, or business owner. Constantly, in different ways, and often all at once – and that’s not easy.

But communication is always part of the solution.

Sometimes, however, it also becomes part of the problem, especially when communication is misused to polarize debates, is out of tune with your audience or is rushed despite blind spots. But grass doesn’t grow faster by pulling it. And haste is rarely the solution to complex challenges. Not even today.

Now is the time to listen and understand. To create meaningful changes based on insight. And to know when and how you need to communicate, and when to stay quiet.

It can be a tough call to make. But in Radius CPH, we thrive best in adversity. The way we have been together with our clients since 2003.

Our values

At Radius CPH, we all have one thing in common: we never do anything half-heartedly. Quite the contrary – we do everything properly. We always put our heart and soul into everything we do, and show commitment to our clients and each other. We insist on honesty and say what we mean. We are competent at what we do and never compromise on quality. And it is essential for us that we generate value. These four values underpin everything that we do, because what we do must be relevant.

We create
long-lasting value

Value for our client’s reputation and business.

Value for our own future business.

We insist on

Honest and direct in our consulting.

Honest and orderly in our business conduct.

We are
competent and
deliver quality

Competent in our consulting and quality in the solutions we provide to our clients.

Quality in our professional development and expertise.

We put our
heart into
our work

A whole-hearted commitment to our consulting services and the problems we solve.

A whole-hearted effort in our relations with clients and colleagues.

Photo: Henrik Fallesen, Seniorpartner and Chairman of the board, and Nicolaj Taudorf Andersen, CEO and founder

More than 20 years of experience

Radius CPH was founded in 2003 by our CEO, Nicolaj Taudorf Andersen, and today counts three additional partners in the team – Henrik Fallesen, Mads Bech Larsen and Kasper Ibsen Beck.
The board of directors of Radius CPH consists of representatives of the company’s partner group and external members who possess expertise within consultancy, strategy and business development as well as communication.

Read our annual reports (in Danish):

Credibility analysis

Every year since 2008, we have asked a representative group of Danes to assess the credibility of a number of different professional groups.

Some years we have also supplemented with questions about current agendas, such as the party leaders’ credibility and competences, the Danes’ trust in the media and the Danes’ perception of the parties in professional conflicts.

Read our latest credibility analysis (in Danish):

Our ESG policy

Teaser text We work purposefully with three of the UN’s sustainable development goals, which we believe we can implement in our daily operations – namely quality training, gender equality and responsible consumption and production.


We are part of the Worldcom Public Relations Group, a global partnership of independent communications agencies. Worldcom consists of 2,000 advisors in 49 countries worldwide.

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We are part of the Worldcom Public Relations Group, a global partnership of independent communications agencies. Worldcom consists of 2,000 advisors in 49 countries worldwide.

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