Want a career as an advisor? Want to know what the working day is like at one of Denmark’s leading communications agencies? Then our Rådgiverakademi is the right path for you. You’ll get the tools for oral, written, digital and creative communication from some of the most talented advisors in the country.

Join our team

Twice a year – respectively in the spring and the autumn – we gather a group of keen, talented and committed students who dream of being advisors. Through the Rådgiverakademiet we provide the perfect setting to learn the ABC of advising. The course gives you the chance to meet other like-minded people, who come from different educational and career backgrounds.

We know that as a student, your to-do list is long. That’s why our course runs over five Tuesday evenings. During the course, you’ll meet 10 different advisors form Radius CPH, who will share their wisdom and create a learning and development space for you. You will also get a chance to meet the CEO of Radius for a Q&A.

A unique insight in the world of advisors

Every session of the Rådgiverakademiet is dedicated to a carefully selected subject area, to give you the best start for a future career as an advisor. The sessions are designed to inspire you and give you specific tools and skills that are essential both when working for an agency and in the communication industry in general, whether you work with PR, digital communication, crises, public affairs or creative campaigns.

Time for networking

The Rådgiverakademiet encourages teamwork and networking in both a professional and social setting. That’s why we end each session with a bite to eat and the opportunity to have a proper chat with both fellow participants and the presenters, who are happy to answer any questions about the evening’s subject, Radius as a workplace or what it’s like to be an advisor.  

Who are you?

We are not that interested in where you study. Or whether you are on the first or last year of your degree. The key thing is that you are a student and dream of cultivating what we call the “advisor gene” – your desire and ability to use your professionalism constructively to help others. 

This course is currently only available in Danish. Please visit our Danish website for more information on how to apply.

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